The Gum Sanctuary

Welcome to The Gum Sanctuary,  no referral is needed and we are happy to answer any telephone enquiries. We believe in same day assistance for gum infections, and provide gum disease screening for any age.

If you have bleeding, infected or receding gums, or yellow roots showing, including under veneers, crowns or next to dentures; we can perform special micro-plastic gum surgery to regenerate the tissues.  Lost gum between teeth can be regenerated. 

For patients with veneers or crowns, we provide specialist gum maintenance to maintain or improve smile aesthetics.

Patients appreciate that the cost of regenerating tooth supporting structures to save a tooth, is at least one quarter of the cost of implant therapy. If you have already missing teeth we place the latest and most researched implant systems.  We also specialise in mending referred failing implants.

People give us daily feedback on how gentle they find our care and how pleased they are to keep teeth they expected to lose.